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Right Now is the time to make your voice heard on Syria.

The rationalization for attacking Syria is boiling down to this… Deterrence.

But how does doing something that is totally non consequential, totally ineffective in even deterring Syria from using chem weapons again going to deter say…Iran from using them ?

It makes absolutely no sense. In fact, demonstrating that we will not do anything but token retribution should embolden any nation that considers such action.

Obama gave the people of America a chance to stop this from going forward when he said he would seek congressional approval. This is one of those moments when common people like you and me have the most influence.

Right Now lot of Congressmen are frightened. They hate this issue. They see this effecting their election prospects. They are looking for cover.

Right Now, the forces that are calling for military action, including the Obama administration are lobbying congress hard. They absolutely have the upper hand. By the time Congress meets on the 9th they will already have made up their minds. They will cast attacking Syria as the well-considered-moderate-prudent-approach. For a congressman seeking cover the moderate mantle is always a safe bet.

If the people stay on the sidelines we will most likely attack. But If we call , or email our representatives …or just as good, post our feelings on his/her facebook page… they will be listening, and they will put your feelings into the balance. (Please alway be polite, Best to keep it very simple. Just something like “I am strongly against attacking Syria.” is great and effective. )

We don’t always get the opportunity to make our voices heard out side of our votes… This is one of those times when you can. If You care about this…Don’t miss this opportunity.

Right Now is your chance..

(This was my first post on FDL. 🙂  how’d I do? )

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Bill Ellis

Bill Ellis