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Over Easy: Monday Science

Good Morning!

Fukushima rundown:

There are already people trying to buy me for a pet

Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko looking for a sacrifice

I’ve discovered something interesting here. You’re looking at reactor 1 info, scroll down a bit and you’ll see radiation levels at various points in the structure. This is for Reactor 2. And this is reactor 3.   Wander the site at your leasure.

But let’s look at those radiation levels. In #2, you’re getting readings of 5 GIGASIEVERTS to 10 TERASIEVERTS. This is good in a way, because it means to me that most of the corium is still in the building.

But now lets look at #1.  Readings in the megasievert range, several orders of magnitude less than #2. Most of the corium has left the building and most of the rest in is the torus.

Now let’s look at #3. Readings max out at about 4 sieverts. That’s right, just four, no tera, not even a mega. The corium has left the building.

That data is mostly from 2012. Now they’re reporting that radiation is 18x expected. The radiation near the leaking tanks has reached 1.8 sieverts/hour. Meaning that anyone who tried to work there will reach their yearly exposure limit in about 3 minutes and be effectively dead in 30. And we’re going to fix these tanks how?!?

The MSM has finally started to pay attention. It’s been on the front page of every network news site including NBC, owned by GE who made the reactors.

Did life on Earth originate on Mars?

Have you ever heard of the Satanic Leaf tailed gecko? One of the neighbor kids has one as a pet and I felt it weird enough to mention.

We have successfully simulated the life of the early universe.

A giant canyon buried under the ice in Greenland.

Boxturtle (Short post as I am enjoying the holiday weekend. Happy Labor Day to all!)

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