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“We either bomb Syria or do nothing”

What an odd way of looking at how the U.S. can act in the world. Can President Obama do anything else other than bomb Syria? Two options, do nothing or bomb, that’s it? Bombing after all seems one of the least likely ways of improving the humanitarian crisis going on there. Oh let’s go further, it’s most likely to create chaos, help the Al Qaeda guys, and kill a lot of civilians. So let’s see, maybe there’s some other options . . .

Parachute in massive supplies of food? Nope, Assad would eat it all.

How ’bout smother Syrians with nice clothes? Nope, Assad’s family would sell ’em all and buy guns.

Ship in lots of construction supplies and building equipment? Nope, Assad would build tanks and bomb shelters with ’em.

Free internet? Nope, Assad would, uh, block all the good American stuff.

Oh I know, have a peace conference!! Nope, sorry, tried that, the good guys didn’t wanna come.

Okay, so hey, apologies America. I tried but it looks like we’re the “bombs or nothing” country again. Load up them sexy cruise missile bays and let’s get it on! Go USA!


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