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Syria: Obama’s Buffoonish Behavior

Syria:  Obama’s Buffoonish Behavior


For the past two days I have been out of touch with cells phones and the internet, given that I was on the Rez  and where this technology is still not available.  And therefore, I am now back-in-town and where I have had the opportunity to bring myself up to date.  Thusly, President Obama is going to “consult” with Congress and the House leadership will be addressing the Syrian Question in the latter part of next week.  Suffice it to say, “movement” is slowly garnering political traction.


And by way of background, this past Thursday, I posted a diary titled, “What’sAmerica’s ‘unmet need’ inSyria.   Consequently, I want to express my appreciation to the following for their insightful responses.


  1. ocoastperson
  2. normanb
  3. OhioBarbarian
  4. Tarheel Dem


Now, to the main point of my or this latest diary!


Perhaps, someone in Congress with a zest ‘for restored cojones’ will address the political motivation that underwhelms the White House, and in particular, both President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.


Given that the national media outlets are reporting that “intelligence” to date and which has been garnered consists of two Syrian Generals talking to each other relative to the use of chemical warfare, it would be nice that the Obama administration would turn this “info” over to Congress for use in their deliberations, and “prior to going to war” regardless of the Level of Force currently being contemplated at the Pentagon.


If so, Congress should turn this garnered intelligence over to the United Nations, and specifically, to the General Assembly, and subsequently bypassing the National Security Council.  Once debated in the General Assembly, the General Assembly could reasonably “indict”Syriafor War Crimes, and thusly, a trial could be held at the International War Crimes Tribunal.  In doing so, the “investigators” could possibly find the President Assad had no decision-making participation.  Or perhaps, Assad’s Elected and Appointed Officials as well as his Admirals and Generals took the decision on their own to utilize Chemical Weapons on their fellow citizens.  Moreover, the General Assembly could establish a Financial Construct in which each Syrian citizen—injured or killed, is sizably compensated from the Syrian Treasury   And thirdly, the General Assembly could conveniently institute a “financial wall” around the nation of Syria, until it agrees in signatory form, to prohibit the future use of chemical weapons during this ongoing civil war.


In the abstract, I will find it interesting how each member of the Progressive Caucus “explains” their prolific utterances, public and non-public, to their respective campaign donors and their “back home” constituencies.




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