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Pull Up a Chair: Labor Day and Back to School

What’s everybody doing this weekend? Picnics? Rallies? Festivals? Community Days? Nothin’?

I suppose the kids are already back to school, seems wrong starting in August, first day of school should be next Wednesday, demmit.

On my first day of school I put on my brand new dress which didn’t match my big sister’s, nor was it one she ever wore before, either. Neat-O. Then my mom helped me fasten on my brand new Mary Janes. No need to worry about the hair, mom had that sorted with pixie cuts. She had no patience for the hair combin’ blues.

And so buffed and scruffed we set out for the bus stop, me, my sister and the big brother.

We stood outside an abandoned gate that marked the stop. I bet there were fifteen of us there, so waiting was just fooling around with the neighborhood kids which helped me not notice so much how many butterflies were circling around in my tummy.

And then the big yellow school bus pulled up – it’s all a blur after that.

Were you as scared as me?

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