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Despite British Voting No, Obama Pushes For War With Syria

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President Obama is fresh out of allies for his war with Syria. With yesterday’s no vote in the British House of Commons and the recognition that Russia and China will block any UN resolution, the only option left for Obama is a unilateral, non-Congressionally sanctioned act of military aggression. And that’s just what he plans to do.

President Obama is prepared to move ahead with a limited military strike on Syria, administration officials said Thursday, despite a stinging rejection of such action by America’s stalwart ally Britain and mounting questions from Congress…

But administration officials made clear that the eroding support would not deter Mr. Obama in deciding to go ahead with a strike. Pentagon officials said that the Navy had now moved a fifth destroyer into the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Each ship carries dozens of Tomahawk cruise missiles that would probably be the centerpiece of any attack on Syria.

So our most stalwart ally, the UN, Congress, and the American people – Mr. President, when everyone tells you you are drunk it’s time to lie down.

Obama could attack Syria as early as Saturday after the UN inspectors leave to file their report, the report that was at one point supposed to indicate whether or not force would be used. Now Obama is going in without waiting for the facts and with fewer allies than the Bush Administration had for the Iraq War.

The decision to proceed without Britain is remarkable, however. Even in the Iraq war, Mr. Bush relied on what he called a “coalition of the willing,” led by Britain. Mr. Obama has made clear that this initiative would come from the United States, and that while he welcomed international participation, he was not depending on foreign forces for what would essentially be an operation conducted largely by the United States, from naval vessels off the Syrian coast…

In addition to the importance of upholding standards of international behavior, Mr. Obama this week has also highlighted America’s inherent right to self-defense.

Self-defense? Is that supposed to be a joke? Not only is Syria not a threat nor threatening America, the insurgents against the Assad regime are made up of Al Qaeda and affiliates. And as Obama keeps insisting in his illegal drone strikes that kill US citizens without a trial – the US is at war with Al Qaeda.

The reality is this is all a result of a communications screw up. Team Obama got trapped into saying there was a “red line” in Syria that if crossed would require action. Ultimatums rarely make good policy. So now people are going to have to die for the sake of appearances. Obama hopes the Syrian government will see it as a “limited” strike, but bombing another country is an act of war by any definition and war can often have unexpected outcomes.

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.