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Americans Overwhelmingly Think Congress Should Vote on Syria

Apparently the only people in the country who don’t think the Congress should vote on any military action in Syria are most members of Congress and our “constitutional scholar” President.

According to a new NBC News poll, 79 percent believe President Obama should be required to receive approval from Congress before using military force in Syria. Only 16 percent of the country shares Obama’s fringe position that he doesn’t need Congressional approval.

Of course the reason Obama and Congress are ignoring the War Powers Clause of the Constitutional is that such a vote would likely fail as it did in the UK. The American people would let their Representatives know they don’t support war.

The same poll found 50 percent think we should not use military force in Syria even if it is proven that the Assad regime used chemical weapons. Only 42 percent support action if there is unequivocal proof of chemical weapons being used.

What is so disgraceful about Obama not calling Congress for a vote is that the entire point of the War Powers Clause was to prevent something like this. It was meant to stop a President from abusing his position by dragging the country into a unpopular and unnecessary war.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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