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The Reality of Race

   The Reality of Race.

“We”, and I’m certainly including myself; must focus exclusively on “class”, point out any kind of racial divide and make sure it’s excluded.  While Glen Ford’s blog is good because he’s always out front on the issues, there are not enough African Americans to support it.  Yes he’s correct in everything about his blog, even identifying African American issues; but the identity of a “Black Blog” is bad.  That insinuates that “Black people” such as myself should post on Glen Ford’s blog.

My grandmother on my fathers side of the family could pass for “Touch The Clouds” sister, while on my mothers side of the family, everyone was light with “wavy hair”. While I didn’t inherit either physical trait, I feel “Lakota Sioux” and that’s the race I’m claiming.  Since Barack Obama, and the stupidity of all African Americans I know personally, I have become “Lakota Sioux” and I told them so as well.

“The  Genius” of choosing “Barack Obama” as president has prevailed.  While we think our votes selected Barack Obama, he was selected before the election even occurred. His test was the George Bush, 700 billion dollar bailout; when he successfully persuaded “Black” Democrats to vote for the 700 billion dollar bailout of Wall Street, that sealed the deal for the powers that be.  (it’s essential that you put the first 10 days of that bailout under a microscope)  While his loyalty to the Wall Street elite has been verified by his actions from day one of his election, his rejection of anything that would help African Americans has also been verified. That’s why “WE” must reject anything racial that’s not supportive of the “class”

In no way am I suggesting that “Glen Ford” change anything on his blog, what I am stating is that people here not think of his blog as “The Black Blog”, because I fully intend to post on both blogs, even though I am now officially “Lakota Sioux” Native American.


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