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St. Obama the Sadist

President Barack Obama is apparently past the point of no return, according to his Pentagon advisers/controllers, on bombing Syria. As he surely knows, this means bombing Syrian civilians, since military and civilian sites are woven together tightly there. So he knows he will maim and kill civilians. But that’s not why he’s a sadist.

What appears to be Obama’s goal is to prolong a brutal civil war — which seemed finally well on its way to ending, as it was being won by the Syrian government — and keep Syria fractured and impoverished for as long as possible. So there’s no realpolitik ‘balancing of evil for a greater good’ thinking going on here, the only goal is destruction and death. That’s why he’s a sadist.

These bombings will only prolong and increase suffering, impoverishment, and killing, and that is their point. Obama knows all this but calmly, without affect, he goes ahead anyway.

And yes, the President is doing exactly what the Israeli government wants done. But what those insane Likudniks or worse (have you _noticed_ how racist and far right things are in Israel now?) want is insanely anti-humanitarian: a long and vicious sectarian civil war and long and vicious economic sanctions that either never end or end up subdividing Syria into feeble and impoverished statelets.

And of course it’s the Israelis who supply Obama with the ‘intelligence’ that assures him Assad is guilty of the recent chemical weapons attack. Obama is so sure he doesn’t have to wait for the UN inspectors to finish their jobs in Syria. So certain is he of Israel-supplied evidence that he tried to block the UN team from doing those inspections.

Even though a chemical weapons attack on the very day UN inspectors visited Syria served only the desperate soon-to-be losers of the civil war: Al Nusra Front, Al Qaeda, and their allies. The same Al Nusra Front that has used nerve gas already in Syria, according to the evidence seen by UN expert Carla Del Ponte.

P.S. — Anyone who still considers Amnesty International a humanitarian organization had better read their latest advice to the humanitarian bombers of Syrian civilians, including the comments. Hip tat to Angry Arab (“Western human rights organizations … truly are a mere propaganda arm of US foreign policy.”)

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