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Barack Obama May be Dangerously Insane. John Boehner, Are You Listening?

President Obama is considering unilateral military strikes against Syria in spite of the British Parliament’s courageous vote a short time ago against any British military support of such an action. Prime Minister Cameron said “The government will act accordingly,” thus giving in to the overwhelming sentiment of the British people.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Conservative/LibDem government doesn’t fall in a matter of weeks, if not days. Pity the same thing can’t happen in America.

The Obama Administration’s response was swift. Benjamin Rhodes, deputy national security adviser for strategic communications(catchy title, eh?) and the usual other unnamed officials said that Obama was “willing to move ahead with a limited military strike on Syria” without any international support, much less a UN mandate, according to the New York Times.

So. It doesn’t matter that, as David Cameron himself admitted, there is no conclusive evidence that the Assad regime used chemical weapons against its own people. It doesn’t matter that Uncle Vladimir in Moscow is sending Russian warships to the Mediterranean. It doesn’t matter that the UN Security Council isn’t about to sanction military intervention against Syria. It doesn’t matter that, according to a plethora of polls, a solid majority of the American people don’t want anything to do with intervening militarily in Syria. It doesn’t matter that Obama can’t even bring our closest ally on board to form a “coalition of the willing” to mess with Assad, when even Dubya managed that against Saddam Hussein.

No, all that seems to matter is that Obama does something so that he doesn’t look like a “wus,” as Bill Clinton chastised him a little over two weeks ago.  And maybe, just maybe, Obama really, REALLY wants to start this new war over Labor Day weekend while most Americans aren’t paying all that much attention. You know damned well his political advisers are telling him that’s the best time to act.  It’s also a factor that Congress is on yet another one of their interminable recesses, and thus the President can more easily act unilaterally due to a manufactured “emergency.”

Does this man’s ego know any bounds? Even Joe Stalin wouldn’t unilaterally attack a country within what was considered the “American sphere of influence” once upon a time. Syria has been a longstanding ally, maybe even a quasi-client state, of Russia for decades. It’s no surprise that Putin is seriously pissed off.  Apparently, Obama…Does. Not. Care. How he looks is more important to him. He doesn’t wanna look like a wus to the Clintons? 

This sort of behavior is dangerously insane.

This sort of thing is how really, REALLY big wars start. This sort of thing started World War I. If Obama goes ahead and orders a strike on Syria, he deserves to be impeached. Quickly.

And the only man I can reach out to who actually has the power to do that is John Boehner.  Well, I’m a human being residing on planet Earth, and I’m an American citizen, AND I’m a resident of the State of Ohio. So what the hell.

Hey Boehner! DO SOMETHING!

And I’m a Socialist. You know I don’t like you, Mr Speaker. But I don’t think you’re freakin’ NUTS! At least not compared to Obama. Please prove I’m right. Impeach the bastard.

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Ohio Barbarian

Ohio Barbarian