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Looks like a good day fer a lynchin’!

Fifty years after MLK’s march, what better way to celebrate?

WTF am I talking about?! How could I be so crude?

Give me a chance to explain the lynchin’ logic:

“It don’t matter if that n***r raped that girl or not, we gotta send a message to them darkies that we’s the ones in control. There was a rape, we know that fer sure, but it don’t really matter if a white done it, the appropriate response is to hang someone from a tree and we don’t hang white folks around here.”

Compare that to what the White House professional fork-tongue said at the press briefing yesterday:

“It is not around the question of whether or not the Syrian regime is responsible.  It’s around the question of what is the appropriate response to this clear violation of international norms.”

It is not around the question of whether or not the Syrian regime is responsible??! Sounds a lot like “We need a Lynchin! Yeehaw!” doesn’t it?

Here’s the entire transcript:

Oh, wait I’m not being fair, I just don’t know what the Secretary of State says HE knows. “Knows?” we’re getting into tricky territory here,  he actually just says “the evidence screams.” And the little parseltongue rat who is greasing the skids for our  MICCtool of a Presididn’t to come out and tell us in the next day or so HE (not Congress, cause they’re duty abrogating, oath ignoring, worthless, big-money whores) is going to bomb some more people, obliterate some more infrastructure, and stir up another one of Israel’s neighbors  in our name, then tells us:

“There is also very little doubt, and should be no doubt for anyone who approaches this logically, that the Syrian regime is responsible for the use of chemical weapons on August 21st outside of Damascus.” 

 “You would have to be credulous indeed to entertain an alternative scenario that could only be fanciful.” 

I would have to be credulous indeed. Ah Jay, where’s Colin Powell when you need him?

So here’s my response to the irresponsible response by the assistant confabulator to the chief executive war salesman to reporters concerning questions about this administration’s unitary executive puppet of the MIC response to the use of chemical weapons in Syria: I am incredulous, because you sir, along with your boss and his handlers, are a liar.

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