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Surprise News Delight in a Minneapolis Hotel

Waking up a bit groggy in a Minneapolis DoubleTree Hotel after checking in last night.

Daring to flip on the TV and flip channels. A soap opera. Some news channel. Another. Wait – a really interesting news channel.

A deep interview with a German privacy expert about surveillance technology. Coverage of massive demonstrations against Angela Merkel’s policies handing 60 million communications of innocent Germans every day, “no questions asked”, to the NSA.  Now an American privacy ISP explaining why electronic privacy doesn’t really exist in the US anymore.

Now an ad for smart Thom Hartmann’s show The Big Picture. A gripping ad for a documentary on Police Tactics – falsified lie detectors and other methods of producing convictions and “confessions”.

An ad for a regular news program, featuring the host opening a massive wall with a drill. Clearly a reference to the Berlin Wall.

Promos that emphasize it’s news available in Spanish and Arabic as well as English. My son is saying, “Yeah, we’ve seen this channel – when we were in Mexico, and in Mongolia.”

But now I know I’m still asleep dreaming. It’s Larry King, who retired from CNN long ago, the last real journalist to depart. He’s interviewing Ron Paul. Old footage as he talks about the 2012 election? No, now Paul is talking about Snowden as a hero, and promoting his own new internet channel.

Larry’s show is called PoliticKing. Now he’s interviewing Daniel Ellsberg.

Holy mother. In my Minnesota DoubleTree hotel, I’m watching Russia TV.

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