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More Tsarnaev Capture Photos

I thought I wouldn’t be able to host a thread on this because of being in a place without internet access, and so left brief comments on two other threads that are not focused on the issue. However, the interfering matter was cancelled, so here goes. Boston Magazine has now released more of the photos on the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev that police photographer Sean Murphy supplied it in mid July, supposedly in response to the cover photo for the August 1 issue of Rolling Stone.

There are four pages of photos, but in particular one on the first page, with caption “Tsarnaev exits the boat and falls to the ground, after which police medics rush to save his life” gives a better view of the left side of his face than anything we’ve seen before. There is a lot of blood (and another photo on page 3 shows the right side of his face without blood), but I cannot make out what I presume would be a large exit wound on the lower face, even upon enlarging the image to the point before the pixels start to blur. Such a wound from being shot in the mouth is what the medical report said he had when he reached the hospital, as discussed in the last post and thread. Many of us were led to the conclusion that that wound was with the highest probability sustained after the capture, and I at least do not see anything to change this position.

But if you see something different, by all means say so.

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E. F. Beall

E. F. Beall