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Syria, Disinformation and the Dying Empire

Rebel fighters in Syria

The problem with having lost my faith in the institutions of Democracy, is that I find myself in disbelief of anyone advancing an agenda such as is being done for US war against Syria.  How do we separate the information from the disinformation?   But they used chemical weapons against their people didn’t they?  Well, if you take the unknown evidence presented by Israeli Intelligence at face value, maybe.  Then again I don’t think the Israelis are above supplying tweaked data to the US, or for that matter, chemical weapons to the insurgents in Syria to help precipitate an international war against one of their nearest enemies.

Then I read that a Syrian hacker collective has disabled the New York Times website, but unless you are technologically as advanced as those hackers and are privy to all the “metadata” that may have been left as evidence by those hackers you don’t know anything.  The NSA is as capable of hacking the NYT website, as anyone, and more so if they thought it advanced their own objectives, which an incident of cyber crime against a major US newspaper certainly does.  Even if you trace it back to an ISP address in Syria, there’s nothing concrete to inform us of who, or which group may have instituted the attack.  But the government must know, right?  Like they did about the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and the Iraqis involvement in 911.

The more doubt that is sown about the veracity of what we read and see in the MSM, the more America, or whoever is pulling the strings in America is losing control of the narrative.  And that doubt is growing.  It’s informing us that we just may be puppets for the dying Hegemon’s war machine.  War is the only type of economic stimulus we’re likely to see in a long time, and an expense that will make cutting social safety net programs even more of a top issue for our leaders.

Meanwhile the drumbeat of war is growing in our country as the President has said he will not seek UN consensus over military interdiction in Syria.  And the drumbeats get louder and louder:  DOOM!  doom, doom!  DOOM!  doom, doom….

Photo by FreedomHouse released under Creative Commons License

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