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Dick Cheney’s Pulling the Syrian War Puppet Strings and his Genie in a Bottle

The above video is how he did it in the last war. And, it sure looks like he’s not finished, because he’s got a Genie under his control

Other members of Genie’s Strategic Advisory Board are:


Dick Cheney – 46th Vice President of the United States. Former President and CEO of Halliburton Company, and U.S. Secretary of Defense;

What does that have to do with Syria?

Israel Awards First License to Drill on Golan Heights to Genie
By Calev Ben-David – Feb 21, 2013

The investors in this scheme are interesting too

Business And Financial Leaders Lord Rothschild And Rupert Murdoch Invest In Genie Oil & Gas

Original source is Craig Murray

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john in sacramento

john in sacramento