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Over Easy: Monday Science

There are already people trying to buy me for a pet

Ya hadda throw the darn peanut into the water, eh?


The “news” out of Fukushima is finally starting to catch up to where the rest of us have been for months. Some of the melts are believed to have moved into the earth. Somebody has called “bullshit” on the Canadian government insistence that additional testing of the fish isn’t needed. Very high levels of tritium being reported. The ONLY way to make tritium here is via neutrons and while some of the radioactives will occasionally decay by spontaneous fission and emit neutrons, the only way to get numbers that high is by fission. So somewhere, there is recriticality and water can get to wherever that is and then get to the ocean.

IPCC has leaked a report saying climate change is driven by human activity, specifically disputing the latest straw dog the deniers have coughed up. Current worst case guess is 1 meter sea rise by 2100. Your kids will live to see this, your grandkids will have to deal with it. Screw  ’em, I ain’t paying more for gasoline I hear cried.

Arctic sea ice decline won’t break a record this year. However, it will still be true that the ten years with the least sea ice will be the last ten years. This year will be slotted in there somewhere, probably around 6 or 7.

Antarctic krill population is THE key to the bottom of the food chain. They’re not responding well to increased temperature and acidity of ocean water.

The war against fracking continues. Obama goes to fracking territory to discuss education. Suggestion: Discuss education in Texas and other states where they’re rewriting history. Discuss fracking in areas where they frack. Obama spreads a lot of time and effort trying to change the subject these days, doesn’t he?

Current state of the super capacitor world. Once these things get their price per unit of energy storage down to Lithium ion prices, I think solar energy is going to take over the electric world. Why would I build a dam or a wind turbine or a coal plant when I can build a solar plant big enough to charge the capacitors and provide energy during the day and just discharge the capacitors at night?

Apes Swimming! Video!! I was always taught that apes in general had a fear of water, seems that’s not always so.

Another idea hurt by distrust of Obama’s police state.

We may have used spices as far back as 7,000 years.

Pain is caused by bacteria, rather than our bodies response to the bacteria?

Live bomb found in a squid! When you dump something into the ocean, something is likely to eat it.

Boxturtle (A dog‘s life at the Whitehouse is not all it’s cracked up to be)

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