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Obama is a mockery to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I submitted evidence of economic crimes against the African American race in the form of market manipulation of commodities we traded “on line”, to Congressman “Lacy Clay”, and The Congressional Black Caucus.  They submitted it to the DOJ, who told them to call the FBI. This form of earning income would enable any qualified African American to earn an income at home on his or her personal computer, and that’s why it was of the utmost importance to the Bush Administration to destroy me and my family as African American “on line” commodity traders.

This evidence spanned a period of 5 years and even involved “Senator Barack Obama” and The Congressional Black Caucus.  When the Bush Administration could no longer manipulate the markets we traded, they enlisted the aid of “Senator, Barack Obama” who seduced many members of The Black Caucus to vote for a bill that enabled the Bush Administration to manipulate a market they could no longer manipulate alone.

After that incident, which involved the S&P 500, we traded the long bond, that’s the 30 year Treasury Bond.  George Bush, Ben Bernanke, and Dick Cheney; manipulated that market by buying trillions of dollars of bonds and running the market up so fast that we lost over 10,000. dollars almost instantly.  This was done between November and December of 08, after Barack Obama had been elected president and before he took office, while he was making victory speeches.  That devalued the dollar so much that it destroyed the economy during his first term in office; while it appeared that the price of gas and food went up right after he took office, the reality was, “the value of the dollar went down”, which meant it cost more dollars to buy food and gas.

When Barack Obama discovered this, over 4 years after it happened, he fired Ben Bernanke.  If you recall, Obama spent over 4 years on Air Force One, flying all over this country and the world, giving speeches.  ( whatever the problem, the “speechanator” could solve it with a speech) That action in regard to Bernanke, confirmed that him and Eric Holder were made totally aware of all the detailed evidence in regard to the Bush Administration’s economic crimes directed against the African American race.  While he said we can’t look back, this month, he managed to look back and grant immunity to George W. Bush for Iraq War Crimes, while Chelsea Manning is serving time for revealing those very same war crimes.

Me and my family are impoverished as a result of economic crimes committed against us, with the intent of denying the knowledge of “on line” commodity trading to the African American race.  And even after we submitted detailed evidence of those crimes to The Congressional Black Caucus, who submitted it to the DOJ, we have not gotten a response.  That’s what Barack Obama, and Eric Holder have done for us, and in essence, the entire African American race.

African Americans have no idea how closely aligned Barack Obama is with Dick Cheney, a rabid racist.  why does Barack Obama have to keep repeating “I am not Dick Cheney”.  Why did he just recently grant immunity to Dick Cheney for any crimes he may have committed?  This is analogous to one of the Klan taking his sheet off, “So what, whatcha gonna do about it”?  And now, African Americans are going to honor Barack Obama along with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


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