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International Developments

? “Syria will allow U.N. inspectors full access to any site of a purported chemical weapons attack”.

? Medecins Sans Frontieres has “sent 7,000 vials of atropine–an antidote against nerve agents” to Syrian hospitals, but “could not confirm the cause of symptoms or say who was responsible for the attack” since they have no staff in Damascus.

? “Syria’s Western-backed political opposition plans to create the nucleus of a national army to bring order to the disparate rebels forces . . . and counter the strength of al Qaeda-linked rebel brigades.”

? “A senior Turkish diplomat has strictly denied a news report that cited a Syrian rebel operative as saying that 400 tons of arms have been sent into Syria from Turkey.”

? “Al-Qaida branch blames Hezbollah for Lebanese bombing” and “threatens retribution against Shia group” it deems responsible.  Update:  “A powerful explosion . . . ripped through a bus carrying air force personnel . . . in Yemen’s capital, . . . at least 20 killed or wounded”.

? “Bombs across Iraq kill at least 42 people–police and medics.”

? “Air War in Kosovo Seen as Precedent in Possible Response to Syria Chemical Attack.”  Update:  “Obama gets ‘detailed review’ [from his ‘top advisers‘] of Syria options, speaks with UK’s Cameron.”

? “Having crushed the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian authorities have begun cracking down on other dissenters, sometimes labeling even liberal activists or labor organizers as dangerous Islamists.”

? Good grief:  “Czech Republic: Hundreds of rampaging neo-Nazis attempt pogrom against Romani people in Ostrava.” 600 – 800 people involved, 60 arrests.

International Finance

? Fingers crossed: “Congress, Public Waking Up to Trans-Pacific Partnership Threat.”

? “A federal appeals court ruled that Argentina must pay a group of bond investors more than $1.3 billion . . . if it wants to continue making discounted payments that other creditors have agreed to accept.”  Remember the Libertad!

Money Matters USA

? “Chairing the US Federal Reserve is one of the world’s most important policymaking roles, but Obama’s apparent favourite, Larry Summers, is reviled for his role in the financial crisis, prompting Democrats to campaign for rival Janet Yellen.” A Yellen vs Summers Scorecard (what’s up with Brad DeLong?).

? “Elizabeth Warren May Control Larry Summers’s Fate.”  Heh heh.

? “Obamacare’s architects reap windfall as Washington lobbyists” (GlaxoSmithKline, UnitedHealth Group and Blue Cross Blue Shield”, among others).

? “Cash Hoarders Devastate Economy“.  The richest are hanging onto 37% of the money they’re collecting.

? NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has accused The Donald’s “Trump University of defrauding more than 5,000 people with promises that they would get ‘hand-picked’ teachers to help them get rich in real estate.”  The Donald has responded with a website accusing Schneiderman of “‘gross incompetence'”. Peterr claims “Trump has an ironclad defense”.

? Boeing moved from Washington to South Carolina  to avoid all those (unionized) labor costs.  Result: “productivity has dropped immensely and Boeing is unable to meet their 787 Dreamliner production goals.”

? Oh, noooos.  An “embarrassing trading glitch” at Goldman Sachs may have cost the bank “tens of millions of dollars”. [cont’d.]

Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.