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NSA Says Analysts Intentionally Abused Spying Powers Multiple Times

It’s over. All the lies about there not being any abuse of the system by the Obama Administration and various people in Congress are exposed, by who you ask? The NSA itself, which has just admitted that NSA Analysts intentionally abused spying powers multiple times.

Some National Security Agency analysts deliberately ignored restrictions on their authority to spy on Americans multiple times in the past decade, contradicting Obama administration officials’ and lawmakers’ statements that no willful violations occurred.

“Over the past decade, very rare instances of willful violations of NSA’s authorities have been found,” the NSA said in a statement to Bloomberg News. “NSA takes very seriously allegations of misconduct, and cooperates fully with any investigations — responding as appropriate. NSA has zero tolerance for willful violations of the agency’s authorities.”

Slow clap for Edward Snowden. Thank you, you are a whistleblower indeed. Obama can pretend like he was going to tell us about this anyway all he likes – no one is buying it because he, his officials, and congressional chairmen like Michael Rogers and Diane Feinstein were either lying or ignorant.

The incidents, chronicled in a new report by the NSA’s inspector general, provide more evidence that U.S. agencies sometimes have violated legal and administrative restrictions on domestic spying, and may add to the pressure to bolster laws that govern intelligence activities.

The inspector general documented an average of one case per year over 10 years of intentionally inappropriate actions by people with access to the NSA’s vast electronic surveillance systems, according to an official familiar with the findings.

To be clear, the NSA is saying these people willfully abused the system. No accidents, no glitches, and no oversights. They set out to illegally spy on American citizens, and did.

So at least ten times, and if the way this story has been going is any indication – drip, drip, drip – it is probable there will be even more intentional abuses revealed. But what we know for sure now is that the Obama Administration and members of Congress have been lying to the American people about this program. Full stop.

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.