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Reflections of Reality

The News Media creates images in peoples minds that reflect reality.   Anything reflected becomes distorted, therefore media projects a pseudo-reality and people react to this pseudo-reality because reality is too large, complex and  fleeting , only existing in the present moment.   Believing that anything in the future or the past is reality is hypothetical, and in the case of the past, n0 longer exists.     Since ancient times, the PTB  have been cognizant of reality distortion and have learned that countries can be conquered and their powers extended, without the costs of war, through agenda setting media.

Controlling the pseudo-reality precedes the written word and thus there were laws and severe punishments administered for merely speaking against the PTB.   One only has to contemplate the origins of the word blasphemy to realize that point.      In more recent times with the invention of pens, paper and presses it became easier to control reality, not by overtly changing attitudes but by giving issues more space and time in the pseudo-reality, influencing what people think about, what they think the facts are, and what they think the solution is.   News media selects what to highlight and the degree of space and time allocated to something thereby controlling what people think and talk about.   Personally, I have learned to be aware of the distortion, and it is nauseating.  I think that is the way many people feel when they describe themselves as awakening or being enlightened.    The pseudo-reality that (newly enlightened) people have been reacting to0 for  years is suddenly exposed as a lie.   Their reality is shattered.

In the 1960’s a visionary man named Marshall McLuhan envisioned the advent of electronic media and its effects.   Here is what he said would happen when written media and spoken media were replaced with electronic media: “In this new age, humankind will move from individualism and fragmentation to a collective identity, with a “tribal base.”   He termed this new social organization a “Global Village”.

Technology is a tool that profoundly shapes an individual’s and, by extension, a society’s self-conception and realization.     It is the tool of the New World Order and IMO it is malevolent.



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