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Obama is stalking us

If I were to pay someone to keep track of everyone you called or received a call from, that would constitute “stalking.” So, why is it okay for Obama to pay Verizon, AT&%, etc. for such information on you and me?

Per Mark Klein — read the comments too — the NSA has installed splitters that replicate every bit going over the main fibers of our telecommunications network and is feeding them into Israeli-developed online data-mining equipment. In other words, the NSA is looking at and analyzing with that online data-mining equipment every bit of every syllable of every word going over that fiber. They can tell what words you used and whether of them is on a special alert list and if the person you are communicating with has an FBI file, as I do. Words like “occupy,” “quaker,” “peace,” and “ACLU” can be expected to select that packet for further analysis.

Per some “Good Democrats” at Dkos:

The NSA disclosed that it gathers some 250 million internet communications each year . . . of those, possibly as many as 56,000 Internet communications collected were sent by Americans or persons in the U.S. with no connection to terrorism.

But that’s not the point. Obama spies on everything. Each bit of each syllable get submitted to his Narus for it to mine to see whether any of my packets mentions any of several key words. In which case, my message will be sent to an NSA analyst and to allies in special countries to be archived and further analyzed.

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