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David Dewhurst steps in it, again.

Texas Lt Governor continues to torpedo his own career. He’s followed up his flailing around the subject of “tampongate” and the feces women were supposedly trying to sneak into the legislature with a new incident: trying to use his position to get a relative out of jail for shoplifting. From

Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst personally called a police sergeant soon after a relative was arrested for shoplifting and asked about getting her out of jail, Allen Police said.

The relative, Ellen Bevers, an Allen elementary school teacher, was jailed and charged with shoplifting at a Kroger’s grocery store on Aug. 3, police said. Bevers is married to Dewhurst’s nephew, police said.

In an unusual move, police released an audio recording of the phone call late Wednesday.

‘What I would like to do, if you would explain it to me, sergeant, what I need to do is to arrange for getting her out of jail this evening and you can proceed with whatever you think is proper,’ Dewhurst said on the call.

‘Sergeant, you don’t know me, but every year I’m the No.1 pick of all the law enforcement agencies in Texas,”‘ Dewhurst is heard saying in the recording. ‘I’m the No. 1 pick and I want you to do whatever is the proper thing.’

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Dewhurst photo via Wikimedia Commons released under a Creative Commons license.

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