VA Gov: McAuliffe Leads by Six

Terry McAuliffe

Quinnipiac’s first poll of likely voters in Virginia found Democrat Terry McAuliffe with a six-point lead over Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. In the race for governor McAuliffe currently stands at 48 percent, while Cuccinelli gets 42 percent. Virginia and New Jersey are the only two states that have a gubernatorial election this November.

The female vote is the driving force behind McAuliffe’s lead. While the candidates are effectively tied among men, McAuliffe has a 12-point lead among women. The McAuliffe campaign has been very focused on Cuccinelli’s extremely conservative anti-abortion position, hitting him at campaign events and in TV ads. It appears this strategy is working.

Neither candidate is particularly well liked, which probably explains why only 25 percent of voters of very enthusiastic about supporting a candidate.  McAuliffe’s favorable rating is 34-33, while Cuccinelli is 35-41.

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Jon Walker

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