Sunday er Wednesday Preaching Bradley Manning

The true test of Morals is crisis its easy to be good when times are good. Its much harder to be good when everyone is against you.


the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. 9 “All this I will give you,” he said, “if you will bow down and worship me.”

10 Jesus said to him, “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’[e]”

11 Then the devil left him, and angels came and attended him.

Bush and then Obama went into the Wilderness of War to be tempted. The Devil said Torture people and you can save American lives Bush and then Obama in his turn said Great Idea.
The Devil said next if you kill civilians who cares just so long as one American life is saved.
Bush then Obama in his turn said tell me something I don’t know.
The Devil replied your own people won’t understand why you do the things you do. You do this for THEM America needs cheap gas and oil.
So you must lie to the simple minded American people about torture and killing Civilians.
Bush then Obama in turn bowed before Lucifer.

But as always Lucifer lied and his ideas were clever…but only by half

For when people found out about Torture the American people started to turn against the war and Afghans and Iraq’s who previously supported America saw their friends and relatives tortured and dead and started killing Americans.
The Devil’s logic was the same story he sold General Westmoreland and Nixon in Viet Nam “Grab them by the balls, and their hearts and minds will follow”
A war of Attrition strategy where you kill the enemy and torture them mercilessly even at the risk of doing the same to civilians in the hopes you can kill the enemy faster than he can replace his losses and scare the civilians from joining the enemy fails.
Because if being the friend of America will get you killed and being the enemy of America will get you killed at least if you join the enemy you don’t have to worry about getting killed by your own side!
Morals are more than rules made by God. God is logic and Knowledge. God is ideas that work in the Real World.
Following God is doing the hard work early on so you don’t have to work harder later on.
Do onto others as they would like to be done onto and you gain their cooperation. Do onto others as you want to please yourself and you are using people…people don’t like to be used.

I should like to note that Bradley Manning very well might be the first person to be sent to jail by another Nobel Peace Prize winer if he wins the Nobel Peace Prize and that Obama is the first Nobel Peace who after getting the Nobel Peace prize became a War Criminal.


On Monday, Solomon presented Nobel committee member Asle Toje with a petition with more than 100,000 signatures endorsing Manning for the peace prize. Among those signing the petition was Nobel Peace laureate Mairead Corrigan-Maguire. The signatures, many of which were accompanied by comments, were collected by, which Solomon co-founded.

Solomon said he told Toje that many of the people who signed’s petition said they believe the Nobel committee needs to redeem itself after giving the peace prize to Obama in 2009.

Solomon said the leaks motivated the Iraqi government to insist on legal jurisdiction over alleged criminal acts by U.S. troops.

“And for the Obama administration that was totally unacceptable, so that compelled a swifter, full withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq,” Solomon said.

Solomon said Manning’s disclosures also paved the way for the beginning of the Arab Spring by revealing the corruption of the government in Tunisia, and it’s collaboration with the U.S. government.

So lets get this straight Obama got a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing but the hope he would end the wars soon a Freakin Hope.
Bradley’s leak motivated the Iraq’s to insist on prosecuting war crimes and since America under Obama could not agree to that we withdrew troops from Iraq.
Bradley actually did what the Nobel committee hoped Obama would do!
Bradley helped create Arab Spring by revealing the corruption in Tunis and how they cooperated with America.
Has anyone else did as much as Bradley lately to further world peace?

In other news Obama just asked for Bush and friends to be granted immunity for war crimes.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., (Aug. 20, 2013) — In court papers filed today (PDF), the United States Department of Justice requested that George W. Bush, Richard Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice and Paul Wolfowitz be granted procedural immunity in a case alleging that they planned and waged the Iraq War in violation of international law.
Obama’s timing needs work.
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