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Eight minutes of homophobic trash for your amusement

Wanna-be filmmaker and arch-homophobe Janet Porter is at it again. The following trailer is from her supposed upcoming documentary The Criminalization of Christianity.

To put it nicely, the trailer is a hot mess of homophobia. She throws everything at the viewer from the so-called recruitment of children to “ex-gay” nonsense.

And she doesn’t do it alone. Also starring in the trailer are:

Former chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt who, amongst other things, recently said that Jesus will strike down “sodomites” and throw them into hell,

Scott Lively, who is responsible for helping to push the “kill the gays” bill in Uganda and is now embroiled in a huge lawsuit over it,

Former Concerned Women for America and Family Research Council spokesman Robert Knight, who seems to spread anti-gay propaganda with every other sentence,

Harry Jackson who once claimed that marriage equality will destroy children and that voting for Obama will bring “divine judgement” on America,

and Brian Camenker, head of the hate group, Mass Resistance, who once compared educators who support lgbt-inclusive schools to Nazi concentration camp guards.

With a line-up like that, you know Porter created, don’t you?

The world’s first audio/visual laxative.

Hat tip to Right-Wing Watch

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