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Marijuana = Cyanide? Are You Flipping Kidding Me?

This, courtesy of Sally Jo Sorensen (who is the uncredited origin of many a story published by others as their own work) is unbelieveable:

[Minnesota] Representative Bob Barrett (R-Lindstrom) may think that marijuana is highly addictive, but at least he’s not comparing hemp with cyanide.

That would be Austin Mayor Tom Stiehm, a former law enforcement official and detective who was  assigned to the Southeast Minnesota Drug Task Force.  A September event planned to promote the hemp industry may have planted the seeds of a freedom of speech battle in the Southern Minnesota meat-packing town. The kerfuffle may prefigure the debate coming next session if a bill legalizing medical marijuana gains momentum.

This just might top the Great Nonexistent Northfield Smack Epidemic. Geez Louise.

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