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International Developments

? The US “was never keen on the Arab Spring because it was not (and is not) capable of accepting democratic government in nations with Islamic majorities.” Susan Rice, a “supine” media, refusal to call a coup a coup, etc.

? “Egyptian police fired tear gas Sunday in an attempt to free a guard from rioting detainees”.  36 killed.  Update: At least 24 “Egyptian police killed in Sinai ambush at Rafah”.

? Turkey and Qatar supported ex-President Morsi; Saudia Arabia, the UAE and Kuwait “have pledged billions of dollars in aid to the new Egyptian government”–dwarfing US aid. Update: Israel enters the mix, “working closer with Egyptian forces to fight militants in Sinai”.

? “More than 20,000 Syrian refugees cross into Iraq: U.N.”

? “Are American Drones Al Qaeda’s Strongest Weapon In Yemen?”

? Unknown numbers of Afghan children are being held in detention centers, have died in the conflict (including as suicide bombers), have been sexually abused, etc.  And yet, 8.3 million children, 40% girls, are attending school–an unprecedented number.

? “DR Congo unrest: Children freed from militia”.  82 children, “some as young as eight.”

? You’ll be shocked to learn the CIA was involved in the overthrow of the Iranian PM Mohammed Mosaddeq “after he sought to nationalize the Iranian oil industry.”

? “The Finnish minister for culture and sports. . . flew a rainbow flag” at the World Athletic Championships in Moscow.

International Finance

? Finally! Institutional Investors Roundtable “is part of a much broader push by the world’s biggest pension and sovereign wealth funds to reduce their reliance on the Wall Street firms that used to manage almost all their money.”

? Unreal.  “Obama Goes to Bat for Big Tobacco in TPP”.

? “The value of US fuel exports has grown faster than other goods and commodities”; President Obama intends to double that number by 2015.

Money Matters USA

? “[H]ow could the DOJ make zero criminal prosecutions of the elite banksters that caused this crisis”?  What the FBI recognized and warned about in 2004 became a reality in only a few years.

? Detroit bankruptcy: “Judge calls for submissions from those who oppose bankruptcy as he prepares to rule on whether city has proved it is insolvent.” [cont’d.]

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Dan Wright

Dan Wright

Daniel Wright is a longtime blogger and currently writes for Shadowproof. He lives in New Jersey, by choice.