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Cory Booker Holds Massive Lead in Special Senate Race

There is little doubt that Newark Mayor Cory Booker is on track to be the newest United States Senator. In the first post-primary poll Booker is found to have a massive double digit lead over Republican rival Steve Lonegan in the special senate race.

A new Monmouth University poll of likely voters found Booker at 54 percent compared to just 38 percent for Lonegan. The size of Booker’s lead has been effectively unchanged since June.

Bookers real advantage is that New Jersey is a deeply Democratic state, which should be enough give him a victory. The poll found that both candidates are basically tied among Independents. Booker getting 43 percent of Independents, compared to 41 percent for Lonegan.

The problem for Lonegan is that there are so many more Democrats than Republicans voting in New Jersey. The only way for a Republican to win is by overwhelmingly carrying the Independent vote, which is unlikely to happen in this race.

Booker’s favorable rating has dropped slightly during the primary, but he remains popular and very well known.

Photo by Veni Markovski released under Creative Commons License

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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