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International Developments

? “Egyptian security forces stormed a Cairo mosque. . . [following] heavy exchange of gunfire with armed men shooting down from a minaret”.   Update: “Egypt braces for more unrest as Muslim Brotherhood calls for fresh protests”. Update:   “Islamists cancel Cairo rallies for ‘security reasons’.”Update:  “Egypt army chief al-Sisi: Room for all in Egypt.” Update:  “Egypt’s military declared Sunday that it won’t tolerate violent protests as security forces arrested hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood members”.  Update: “At least 36 people die after takingpolice officer hostage in bid to escape custody”.  Update: Muslim Brotherhood claims security forces killed “dozens of detained Islamists.”

? “Egypt: we may despise the Muslim Brotherhood, but a coup is a coup.”

? What’s going on in Egypt:  the Army and the Muslim Brotherhood, massive Qatar and Saudi Arabia funding, burning of churches and police stations, anti-Brotherhood media campaign?

? “How American Hopes for a Deal in Egypt Were Undercut.”

? “So this is how it ends . . . the ultimate target of the massacres of 14 August is civilian rule.  Cairo, the capital of revolutionary hope two years ago, is now its burial ground.”

? “Syrian gunmen shoot dead 11 people; State-run news agency says rebels targeted Christians but others claim dead were mainly pro-government militiamen.” Update:  “Advancing army kills jidahist emir in Syria’s Latakia”.  Update:  Syrian refugees pour into Iraqi Kurdistan in thousands.” UN chemical weapons inspectors are in Damascus. Update: Hezbollah’s Top Syria Commander Killed.

? “Afghan educators struggle for funding as US aid budget shrinks.

? “North and South Korea to hold talks on family reunions“.  Possible talks on re-opening the Kaesong Industrial Complex.

? The BBC intends to “cut Israel apartheid remarks from UK concern broadcast.”

? Rupert Murdoch’s “News International could face corporate charges over phone hacking.”

? Oh, noooos.  They’re now kissing at the Olympics in Russia.

International Finance

? Greece’s Finance Minister has fired the official in charge of privatization, who’s been criticized for slowness in selling off Greece’s public assets. Sad list of public assets for sale accompanies the article.

? Oh, nooos.  “Federal authorities have opened a bribery investigation into whether JPMorgan Chase hired the children of powerful Chinese officials to help the bank win lucrative business”.

Money Matters USA

? Sheet Metal Workers Local 19 picket line in Philadelphia attacked by a van.  Driver was arrested.

? Bank of America will disappear 99-year-old firm Merrill Lynch. [cont’d.]

Photo by Ballookey Klugeypop under Creative Commons license

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Dan Wright

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