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Because the material here is so richly dense – this is a bare-bones diary.  You guys can fill in your own musings, critiques, etc.

Do not forget this: This is a political blog – and the series begins with a political plot. A Middle Class teacher, not extraordinary really, gets cancer. The healthcare system in this country lets him down. And takes him down. And takes his family down. And ultimately the community suffers. This is the beginning.

Obviously, Walt is written in the vein of the American hero/criminal characters of the 1930 movies. He is a baby boomer, right. So things are better for boomers than any generation in America.  Not according to the writer of the one of the strongest characters to come out of television. Could this series have been written before September 11? Probably not – in this writer’s opinion. And surely professors of English and teachers of high school English will be parsing these characters and plots for many years. So much to say – too much for a diary.

A few things: Jessie is a throwaway young character. Yet, he has a decent conscience. He is younger than Walt; and hasn’t hardened completely yet. He does find a father but a father in the midst of self-destruction. After all, the fates have ordained his destruction, haven’t they, in the form of cancer?

Skyler is clever — and the plot works because of her cleverness — that she suffers — sure, that’s the stuff of tragedy. Suffering by the movers and the takers. But great tragedy is mostly concerned with the movers.

So many characters — so much for a critic to mine. I choose the Marxist critical theory — usually do. But you out there — and so many good minds out there — what do you think?

Interesting that Downton Abbey is also popular — well written in that British stiff-upper-lip school. A contrast or a twin?

Last night, I watched Keeping Up with the Khardashians as I knew I’d tune into BB this AM.  And speaking of KUK: Oy, what a treasure for American culture watchers.  Actually, I like Chris — but another diary for that.

As I say: What are your theories of how it will end — and it isn’t that different from Greek Tragedy for instance, is it? But with whip cream and a cherry on top!

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