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Late Night: Fatster’s Roundup

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International Developments

? “Egypt crisis: Defiant Muslim Brotherhood plans marches.”  Update:  “Not everyone in Cairo is unhappy with the violence:. 700 are now reported dead, 3,700+ injured.  Update:  “Egypt: scores killed in ‘day of rage’: At least 60 . . . amid fierce street fighting in Cairo and elsewhere”.

?  Radical Islamists in Egypt pushing toward greater conflict; Egyptian military responding with gusto.  Plus, “there’s plenty of support in Riyadh and Dubai for an effort to crush Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood once and for all.”

? “Palestinians protest Egypt’s bloody crackdown: Hundreds of Islamists rally on Temple Mount, accuse Egyptian defense minister of killing his people for the sake of Jews.”

? “Libyan PM Ali Zeidan warns oil port protestors [and] has threatened to use force against guards . . . protesting at some of the country’s oil ports for several weeks.”

? Polio upsurge in Somalia, leading the UN to warn of wider, “explosive” outbreak.

Money Matters USA

? The effort by some cities to use eminent domain to “force lenders to refinance loans on homes that are worth less than the mortgage at ‘market value'” is gaining steam.  In Richmond, CA things are going so well Wells Fargo and Deutsche Bank have sued to stop it.

? “US consumer confidence in surprising fall from six-year high.”  Walmart’s cut its sales forecasts, too.

? Canadian utility Powerex is refunding $750m to CA resulting from the 2001 crisis and rip-offs.

? “Cayman Islands, US reach agreement on reporting American’s assets in Caribbean territory.”

Surveillance Planet

? DiFi’s response to the WaPo story that  the NSA violated privacy rules “thousands of times” yearly, is that her Senate Intelligence Committee “can and should do more to independently verify that NSA’s operations are appropriate”, and blahblahblah.  Emptywheel on NSA oversight by all three branches of gubmint.

? DiFi has upped the absurdity, declaring those thousands of NSA privacy rule violations “unintentional and do not involve any inappropriate surveillance of Americans.”

? Reggie Walton, Chief Judge of the FISA Court, “said the court lacks the tools” to provide “critical oversight of the government’s vast spying programs”–and so they must “trust the government to report when it improperly spies on Americans.”  We are so screwn!

? Sens. Ron Wyden (D-OR) and Mark Udall (D-CO) say the WaPo stories (above) are “just the tip of a larger iceberg.” [cont’d.]

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Dan Wright

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