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Seattle Police to Hand Out Informational Doritos at Hempfest

At the first Hempfest since Washington State legalized marijuana the Seattle police department will hand out more informational Doritos than tickets. That is small bags of Doritos with stickers on them explaining the state’s new marijuana law. From the Stranger:

“Distributing salty snacks at a festival celebrating hemp, I think, is deliberately ironic enough that people will accept them in good humor,” says police department spokesman Sergeant Sean Whitcomb. “We want to make sure people learn the rules and that they respect the vote.”

The labels on the snack-sized bags will direct festival attendees to the SPD’s post-legalization FAQ titled “Marijwhatnow?” which went viral last November, reminding citizens that possessing up to an ounce of pot is allowed, but selling and growing the stuff remains illegal (until licenses are issued later this year by the state).

It is funny because stoners love munchies, but this is a great idea for any setting. Most people ignore flyers, but if the flyer is attached to something like a free snack people are more likely to read it. Almost no one ever turns down a free snack.

Anyone planning to attend this year’s Hempfest, please be safe and courteous.

Photo by theimpulsivebuy under Creative Commons license

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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