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Cory Booker Easily Wins Senate Primary

Mayor of Newark NJ, Cory Booker, wins Democratic Primary in Special Senate Election

Cory Booker is on track to becoming the newest Senator from New Jersey after easily winning the Democratic primary in the special Senate election. The special election is to replace the recently deceased Senator Frank Lautenberg (D). The low turnout election provided a decisive victory for Booker.

As of this morning, Booker received 59 percent of the vote while his closest Democratic rival Rep. Frank Pallone took only 20 percent, and Rep. Rush Holt ended with just 17 percent.

Steve Lonegan also easily won the Republican primary with 79 percent of the vote. Now he goes on to face Booker in the special general election.

Booker is overwhelmingly the favorite in the special general election scheduled for October 16th. New Jersey is a reliably blue state in federal elections and early polling shows Booker starts the race with a massive double digit lead over Lonegan.

Photo by bbcworldservice released under Creative Commons License 

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

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