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In the last couple days I wrote about the Nuclear Power Industry and the ramifications of years of deceit and deliberate overstatement of the benefits versus the cost of nuclear power.

Well, guess what…can’t live with ’em, the power companies will make you pay to live without ’em:

Closing the San Onofre nuclear power plant is in the “best interests” of Southern California Edison‘s 4.9 million customers and those ratepayers should be prepared to pay a portion of the shutdown costs.
That’s the message in a public letter published as a full-page advertisement in the Los Angeles Times on Monday.

“If a utility asset must be retired before the end of its expected life, the utility recovers from customers its reasonable investment
costs,” Edison wrote.

We billed you extra to build it — even if you didn’t want it — you never got any profits like we did — and NOW we’ll bill you to tear it down…sucker.

This seems an appropriate metaphor for modern American business somehow.

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