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When common wisdom dies uncommonly fast

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As I wrote a few days ago, for years the Nuclear Power Industry and it’s paid servants in Congress have been singing the virtues of countries like Japan and Asia in general and their nuclear power use.

About two years ago those refrains got Fukishimaed royally…but not nearly so much as the people who lived in Northeast Japan.

But it is becoming apparent that tsunamis alone haven’t been upending this myth.

A nuclear power plant in Taiwan may have been leaking radioactive water for three years, the government has said, adding to a growing crisis of confidence
in North Asia about nuclear safety.

Japan is struggling to contain radioactive water pouring out of the Fukushima nuclear plant that was wrecked by a 2011 tsunami. In South Korea,
prosecutors are conducting a massive investigation into forged safety certificates and substandard parts at many of its reactors.

I’m sure our Nuclear Power Industry is anxious to start talking up France now.

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