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MISOGYNISTS UNTIE: Breitbart’s Deceptive Editing Prompts Vile “Gang” Threats Against “Gun Map Editor”


One of the editors involved in publishing “gun maps” in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting massacre was recently laid off by NY’s Journal News, along with dozens of other staff, according to the Rockland Times.

The article clearly states there is no evidence to suggest the firing was related to the gun map, or any backlash therefrom, but in deceitful re-reporting, writers at and saw fit to remove that crucial fact from the story.

This created a distinct impression Rockland County editor Caryn McBride was fired for her role in the gun map controversy. Within hours, comments affirmed this, including sexist insults and not-so-thinly veiled threats leveled against McBride below the deceptive articles.

Because the senior Journal News editors who approved the map idea remain on the job, it’s evident the publisher is NOT exacting punishment. But Malkin’s scribe curiously added “Backlash” to his headline – he should know all too well Journal News publisher Gannett and the whole newspaper industry has been routinely shedding jobs in wave after wave of downsizing.

Further, McBride’s role in the gun map controversy was exaggerated by the headline copy “Gun Map Editor Fired”, leaving the impression the map was her brainchild.

It’s no shock partisan media like is slanted (they also botched the numbers laid off in the purge), but harrowing, violent comments calling for the editors’ fingers to be broken, or describing her death and rape are just disturbing. Also unfortunate are the hateful, Limbaugh-esque “slut” type comments openly tolerated by editors and fellow hyenas.

Breitbart author William Bigelow could defend his article as “true” despite being strategically incomplete. But he is standing behind misogyny as they repeatedly call the woman ripe for raping or a “gang” attack, with comment after comment calling her a “pig” and a “skank” and a whore. Is it an endorsement to allow this to go on after criticism of it appeared, again and again?

Malkin’s page did not have the same level of vile and violent comments following her deceitful omission, but her fans do call out the ex-editor’s home address, claiming it’s “payback time” because her paper put the county’s public gun permit records online.

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