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Don’t Support Wage Slavery: Boycott Corporate and the Washington Post


Years ago, we created our substantial DVD collection and expanded our book library by ordering directly from If you’ve ever used it, you probably know the deal: buy directly from Amazon, spend over $25, and get free shipping and handling. It’s a great and relatively inexpensive way to get interesting stuff for yourselves and your friends.

For my wife and I, no more. News reports have been coming out about the horrid conditions and low pay in Amazon’s warehouses, but this piece on Democracy Now! today takes the cake.  It’s only a few minutes long, and well worth the listen.

No heat. No A/C. Supervisors timing the employees and firing them on the spot when they fail to run, yes, run, fast enough on a ten hour shift to meet their quotas. All for nine to eleven bucks an hour. And Holy O, the Fascist American President that Benito Mussolini could only dream of, calls these jobs middle class!!! Yee-haw! We need more jobs like that, sure as shootin’!

And now, the owner of is buying the Washington Post from the Graham family. Gee, I wonder if any future Woodwards and Bernsteins will be doing any investigative reporting on Amazon’s working conditions. For that matter, gee! I wonder if the impending purchase had anything to do with Obama advocating more great middle class jobs like those provided by Amazon. The timing is very convenient.

So. If we really, really want to purchase a book or a DVD, and can’t find it retail or from some small seller, we just will live without it if the only source is corporate. We’ll pay a little more to order from a small seller somewhere else. I urge all of you to do the same. If you don’t, then you’re supporting horror, and de facto slavery.  The same goes for any subscriptions, online or otherwise, to the Washington Post.

Boycott these shameless capitalist bastards. Please.

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Ohio Barbarian

Ohio Barbarian