Highly infectious Norwegian skin disease and GOP show-runner Reince Priebus is thinking of pulling the 2016 season of Wheel Of Fortune For Even Stupider People off of CNN and NBC because both of those networks have a ratings boner for Hillary Clinton:

“We have to control the referees that we’re bringing into our playground,” Priebus said of his threat to prohibit CNN and NBC from holding Republican-primary debates in 2016. “The fact of the matter is you’ve got two networks that are potentially spending millions of dollars, promoting a person they know is at least doing the dance in getting ready for a run for the president.”

“I’m not going to sit around and let this happen anymore,” he said. The Republican National Committee has announced it will not allow CNN and NBC to hold primary debates unless the networks pulls their production of films they’re planning about former secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

And by “not going to let this happen anymore” what Reince really means is that he is going to replace series regulars Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, audio-animatronic Mitt Romney, and the very special brief cameo appearance by Tim Pawlenty with a new cast including Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and probably George Zimmerman, none of whom will likely say anything even remotely weird or crazy or that you couldn’t hear at closing time from any drunk at a VFW lodge.

The fact that the debates will move to slightly less popular networks like SyFy or GMAPinoy can only be good news for the Republican Party.

And John McCain.



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