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Georgia Senate Race Starts Off Very Close

Democratic candidate for Senate Michelle Nunn

There is some good news for Democrats in what is  going to be a very tough Senate election cycle. In the open Georgia Senate race the newly declared Democratic candidate Michelle Nunn starts off the race ahead of or at least tied against the most likely Republican candidates. From PPP:

PPP’s newest Georgia Senate poll finds that with Michelle Nunn joining the field, the race is a toss up.

Nunn herself is not all that well known- 61% of voters don’t have an opinion about her and those who do have one are closely divided with 20% viewing her favorably and 19% unfavorably. But there’s no doubt that the Nunn family brand remains very strong in the state- her father has a 56/12 favorability rating even after nearly 20 years out of office and his appeal cuts across party lines- he’s at 64/7 with independents, 58/16 with Republicans, and 50/12 with Democrats.

Nunn currently leads or is tied with all the Republicans in the race. The ones she’s dead even with are Phil Gingrey (both at 41%) and David Perdue (both at 40%). She leads Karen Handel and Jack Kingston each by 2 points at 40/38, Paul Broun by 5 at 41/36, Derrick Grayson by 6 at 42/36, and Eugene Yu by 7 at 42/35

This is still going to be a tough race for Democrats to win, but it means the party at least has the chance to go on the offensive in both Georgia and Kentucky. This year the map is so bad for Democrats they are almost assured to lose a few seats. They will need every chance they can get to try to make up for the losses elsewhere.

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Jon Walker

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