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How Personal Experience With Marijuana Is Driving Reform

One of the most important reasons support for marijuana legalization has grown dramatically over the past decade is perfectly captured in this new graph from Gallup. It shows different age groups’ personal experience with marijuana over time. From Gallup:

One of the best predictors that someone supports ending marijuana prohibition is if they have personally tried it at some point. Individuals who have tried marijuana are less likely to believe the anti-pot propaganda.

Before 1970, very few Americans had tried cannabis. After 1970 it became popular with young Americans and has remained relatively popular.  Now the generation that made marijuana popular is starting to become senior citizens. The number of people over 65 who have tried marijuana jumped from 3 percent to 17 over the past 14 years, these numbers will continue to grow at a rapid rate.

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Jon Walker

Jon Walker

Jonathan Walker grew up in New Jersey. He graduated from Wesleyan University in 2006. He is an expert on politics, health care and drug policy. He is also the author of After Legalization and Cobalt Slave, and a Futurist writer at