The Family Research Council (FRC) wants to introduce a “dynamic new speaker” for its upcoming “Values Voter Summit”:

Before this year, most Americans had probably never heard of Dr. Ben Carson. Despite being a world-renowned neurosurgeon whose life story was made into a popular movie starring Cuba Gooding, Jr., Dr. Carson became a household name when he blew the socks off Washington, D.C. with a speech that many called the longest 27 minutes of Barack Obama’s presidency. From education to taxes and health care, the famous surgeon spoke from the heart about the problems facing our nation, telling the President what so many voters wish they could: his ideas are failing America. Dr. Carson’s keynote speech was so powerful and his solutions so practical that the Wall Street Journal ran an editorial the next day, “Ben Carson for President.” Today, FRC Action is proud to announce that Dr. Carson will be back in Washington to deliver another address — this time at the Values Voter Summit.

FRC continued to list Carson’s many accolades, but the organization noticeably forgot to mention the incident which killed his so-called presidential aspirations before they began. Watch below as Carson compares gays to pedophiles and those who practice bestiality:

Naturally such an unintelligent statement led to a huge round of condemnation and eventually led Carson to withdraw as commencement speaker earlier this year at the John Hopkins School of Medicine and to  stay out of the spotlight until the controversy died down.

Now he is back and joining with a group, which has made equally bad comments about the LGBT community. [cont’d.]

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding