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So…Forever Then…which is “Just Around the Corner”

John Kerry is in Pakistan to repair the US-Pakistan relationship through bribery diplomacy. And to “reassure” the Pakistanis, we now have a plan for when to end drone-strikes:

“The program will end as we have eliminated most of the threat and continue to eliminate it,” Kerry said today in an interview in Islamabad with Pakistan TV. “I think the president has a very real timeline and we hope it’s going to be very, very soon.”

You see, hope really is a plan.

Since drones have a tendency to reign fiery death from the sky…and quite often upon civilian non-combatants.  This tendency, as you might expect, does a really good job of recruiting people with a valid and very real grudge against the United States.  The kind of people we like to call “terrorists”.

So hope is a plan…and as good a plan as it it ever has been.

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