International Developments

? 1,057 people in Iraq were killed due to violence in July.

? “Homs arms-depot blast ‘kills dozens‘.” Free Syrian Army takes credit.

? “Syria agrees to allow UN inspectors to search three sites for chemical weapons”.

? “US, Pak Ease Ties; Kerry Hints Drones Could End.” Kerry also hints US forces might “stay in Afghanistan after 2014.”

? CIA role in Benghazi is back in the news.

Money Matters USA

? What Wall Street hath wrought: “An American era of eviction and destruction.”

? “Blackstone Group . . . has . . . spent $5 billion . . . on 30,000 homes”, while “American Homes 4 Rent . . . has spent $3.1 billion on . . . nearly 18,000 homes. It’s big business as “Wall Street firms become landlords in buy-to-rent industry”, thanks to the foreclosure crisis.

? One Goldman Sachs trader involved in “a toxic mortgage deal” was actually found liable “for civil securities fraud.” Jail? Pshaw: A “fine, or worse, a ban from the Wall Street.”

? The Fed “to keep interest rates at zero”.

? Congress passed a student loan bill, tying rates to financial markets.

? The Pentagon will “bear brunt of upcoming budget cuts” as sequestration deepens.

Surveillance Planet

? “An Israeli based internet surveillance company ‘Verint Systems’ is all set to win a contract from Department of Telecommunications of India to assist it with encrypted internet communications . . ..”

? NSA paid “at least £100m to [the UK’s GCHQ] . . . over the last three years”. To their credit, “Some GCHQ staff . . . expressed concern about ‘the morality and ethics of their . . . work, particularly given the level of deception involved.” Is the GCHQ spying on US citizens so the NSA doesn’t have to?

? “3 Shocking Revelations from NSA’s Most Terrifying Program Yet“: “Internet privacy is dead . . ., The security state has trumped the Constitution . . ., The security state’s defenders won’t stop lying.”

? The NY Times: “The Obama administration released narrowly selected and heavily censored documents and sent more officials to testify before Congress . . . in an effort to defend the legality and value of the surveillance of all Americans’ telephone calls. The effort was a failure.” The conclusion: “The program should be halted at least until the public gets a satisfactory accounting.” [cont’d.]

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Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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