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Uruguay challenges drug warriors with courageous armistice plan; in US, dollars challenge democracy

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Cannabis Leaves

Uruguay is setting progressive policies on cannabis.

The Uruguayan government voted to establish a publicly overseen system of growing and distributing legal cannabis after hours of debate in the legislature.

The government plan would allow individuals to grow their own cannabis, form non-profit cooperatives to grow the medicine and recreational substance and allow private companies to grow the plant for sale only directly to the Uruguayan government that would then sell the substance through a network of government run pharmacies.

The measure, which has the mixed support of Uruguayan citizens, was narrowly passed by the Uruguayan House reflecting the country’s leaders courageous attempt to shatter the worldwide paradigm where drug warring nations fund militarized police actions and drug kingpins reap billions.

The measure was supported by a broad coalition of non-profit groups that undertook a nationwide education program to convince Uruguayans that prohibiting cannabis is not worth the crime, death and suffering that have been the historical consequences of the standoff between drug warriors and drug kingpins, and their country had to take a step that challenges the current paradigm at it’s core by eliminating the cannabis black market.

In other news, the medical marijuana industry has begun a lobbying blitz in Washington DC, working, as described by the UPI, “to head off general legalization of marijuana in the United States.” A spokesperson for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws suggested to Politico that the lobby groups are more concerned with profits than patients, stating; “There are people who are benefiting financially and would prefer to see nothing change.”

Photo by Matthew Kenwrick released under a Creative Commons No Derivatives license.

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