Republicans think people on food stamps are lazy bastards that won’t ever make anything of themselves until we starve a few of them off of the government teat.

Have you ever been on food stamps?

I was once on unemployment, paying child support, alimony, and rent…AND…I still wasn’t poor enough for food stamps. I don’t ever want to be poor enough to qualify for food stamps.

Yet, Republicans act like being on food stamps or WIC or any of the programs that try to make sure no one in the richest country in the world has to go to bed hungry is a choice made by lazy, good-for-nothings because they would rather not work.

Republicans will tell you that unemployment and federal nutrition assistance is the reason people are out of work. If you start starving them and their children, the Republicans say, they’ll go get one of the millions of good jobs just lying about waiting for unlazy people to take them.

This myth that people are living in poverty because something is wrong with them has to be dragged out into the sunlight and be staked through the heart. This myth has sucked the compassion out of America. Far too many people in this country believe that good people live well, and bad people live badly because they are lazy.

It’s been quite a while since I blogged about anything…I can’t believe I just used a form of the verb blog…blog, blogged, blogging. I may fit into this century, yet.

My inability to blog has come for two reasons.

First, I have worked for three companies since the first of June. The first place got sold to second company, and a week later I accepted a job offer from a third company.

Second, June and July left me full up to the eyeballs of asshole Republicans.

If you agree with the following, you are an asshole Republican:

  • Let’s punish lazy sluts that get knocked up and force them to have babies so we can punish their hungry babies later.
  • Let’s make sure black, brown, young, poor, and old people have a hard time voting.
  • Let’s do everything we can to stall any progress on anything that could help Americans so we can blame it on the President and pack the House and the Senate with more Republican assholes so we can kick the hungry, poor, homeless, pregnant, black, brown, sick, and old people in the collective balls.
  • The country sucks because the hungry, poor, homeless, pregnant, black, brown, and old people have been sucking it dry with their damn laziness.
  • Old, sick people need to get busy living or get busy dying, but they have got to stop looking for handouts and do one or the other on their own.
  • If we tell kids what their sex parts are for, they will want to start using them to do those things. (Blogger’s Note: When I was a kid, my peers told me what my sex parts were for, but I had already figured out 90 percent of it by virtue of having the stuff where I could easily get my hands on it.)
  • Towns like Detroit need to die before they can be reborn into conservative wonderlands.
  • It’s the weak and the powerless that are dragging America down…who needs them?
  • Sluts need to tie their legs together…AND…sluts that are just asking for rape need to wear wet suits.
  • God hates gay people, and it’s up to us to make life as hard as possible on them so they will stop choosing to be gay and just turn straight, already.
  • Mexicans are all drug mules that have broken the law and have come to American to take all the good crop-picking, landscaping, dishwashing, and bathroom cleaning jobs.
  • Good women don’t have unwanted pregnancies and NEVER get raped.
  • Black people, come on, really, you act like everybody still hates nigg…ah, like everybody still hates colored people. You have to bring race into everything.

It’s this crap that keeps me from being able to deal with these people as members of the human race. All I want to do is slap them silly.

It’s not just Republicans…

Anthony Weiner, Carlos Danger, whatever, take your penis and go home. The Mayor of New York has to be a dick sometimes, but we don’t need one that thinks no woman is complete without feasting her eyes on the magic schlong of Carlos Danger.

Why can’t we get some non-assholes to run for office? What would be wrong with getting something done and both sides getting the credit? Why can’t we all just get along?

I guess it must be because good people naturally shun assholes, so no good people want to go anywhere near Washington, D. C.