Because of the restaurant workers strike there was talk on another this website about the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United and a petition in support of the striking workers.

I investigated the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United further at and found, under their link, “Our Work,” that one of their goals is:

(2) Promoting the high road to profitability through partnerships with responsible restaurateurs, cooperative restaurant development, and a workforce development program that moves low-income workers into living wage jobs;

I had to investigate further. Under “High Road” was:

ROC promotes sustainable best practices that positively impact industry employees’ wages and working conditions to the benefit of all by promoting the High Road to Profitability, through three main activities:

(3) opening worker-owned restaurants called COLORS in cities across the country.

Hallelujah! That is a sensible course of action that I will embrace. Working or buying at McDonalds creates a profit for the 1%. Working or buying at COLORS creates a profit for the workers.

I have now found rational humans who I must contact.

COLORS, New York

Support worker-owned restaurants!!


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Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf