Malala Yousafzai speaking before the UN on her sixteenth birthday,12 July 2013. Her “forgotten sisters” are still subject to swara.


International Developments

? “Egypt’s cabinet orders police to end pro-Morsi sit-ins.”

? The US and Canada have a “planned pilot project [that] would see the two countries build on joint border-policing efforts.”  But, the US “wants its police officrs to be exempt from Canadian law”.

International Finance

? “A labor rights group [has] accused a Chinese company that makes iPhones for Apple Inc. . . . of abuses including withholding employees’ pay and excessive working hours.”

Money Matters USA

? “Larry Summers Gets ‘Full-Throated Defense’ From Obama In Capitol Hill Meeting”.

Surveillance Planet

? XKEYSCORE, the “NSA program that collects ‘nearly everything’ a user does on the internet’.  Glenzilla notes XKEYSCORE files demonstrate that Edward Snowden’s comment that he “could ‘wiretap anyone, . . .  if I had a personal email” was entirely accurate, despite the “vehement” denials by officials including Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) of the House Intelligence Committee.

? “Why NSA Surveillance Will Be More Damaging Than You Think:  The real threat from terrorism is . . . the over-reaction it provokes.  We saw that with the invasion of Iraq.  We’re seeing it with security-state overreach.”   And we’ll see it with the Internet.

? The government plans “to release newly declassified documents as early as this week about the National Security Agency surveillance programs . . . and also material related to a secret intelligence court”.  NSA director Keith Alexander now says, “I think the more we can give to the American people, the better.  We always have to balance security . . . ” and blahblahblah.  Amazing what a little sunlight can do.

? Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has ok’d releasing “telephone metadata that were collected under the authority of the PATRIOT Act”.  Interesting letters from Clapper to the Select Committee on Intelligence at the link.

? “The Obama administration has declassified a secret order directing Verizon Communications to turn over a vast number of Americans’ phone records”.  Three documents were released and presented to the Senate Intelligence Committee today–with “significant parts” redacted.

? Today’s Senate Intelligence Committee hearing became quite the donnybrook.  Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and others criticized DNI James Clapper for lying to them and NSA Director Keith Alexander for “overstatement”. DiFi defended both.  “Robert Litt, the top lawyer for the US intelligence community” said they’re ok with “re-evaluating this program in ways that creates [sic] public confidence and trust”, whatever that means.   Clapper didn’t show, sending a deputy instead.  Live updates.

? “[I]t’s becoming clear that we can’t trust anything anyone official says about these [NSA]  programs.”  “This sort of thing can destroy our country”; steps needed to “restore trust.”

? Fallout:  “Prosecutors in a Miami case involving two Pakistani-born brothers” originally said they didn’t need to notify the defendants if evidence from NSA phone and internet surveillance programs were part of their case.  They’ve now changed their minds.

? “Obama defends NSA surveillance but acknowledges some limits are inevitable”, but they sure don’t want any.

? “Edward Snowden Has Done the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Work for Them” (and in a few instances, despite them).

? “Google’s Sordid History of Net Neutrality Hypocrisy.

? ACLU’s “favorite page from the recently declassified FISA Court Order.”

? Oakland, CA’s city council has ok’d a “controversial surveillance center” that will “continuously monitor video cameras, gunshot detectors and license plate readers.”

? “Will surveillance-state opponents start to fight at the municipal level, as anti-nuclear activists did in the 1970s and 1980s [for nuclear free zones]?” [cont’d.]

Photo by banned mesh under Creative Commons license

Dan Wright

Dan Wright

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