If history has taught us anything (besides never getting involved in land wars in Asia and, when he says: ” I’m only going to put the tip in”, it’s a total lie) it is that each Greenwald/Snowden  must-credit-Greenwald/Snowden blockbuster immediately generates much frantic hand-waving (at least the hands that are not being wrung) and wild eye-rolling and plans to invent a a new interweb that runs on kerosene and brainwaves and good intentions , to say nothing of the angsty lamentations of the “SecurityState!Empire!1%!IDon’tKnowNothingAboutVisitingNoAnthonyWeinerPeen.comwebsite” crowd and then slowly …  inexorably … it all starts to fall apart if not crash and burn like the Hindenberg.

So, for the time being,  I’m just going to sit back and watch as people attempt to align hyperbole with reality and see how it plays out. But, to use a favorite Naderite quip, when it comes to these NSA scandals and the fraudulent IRS scandal, there doesn’t seem to be a dimes worth of difference between the two of them. Just folks with agendas cashing in on white people’s problems.

So, while we wait …. this is nice…

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i just left this comment on a front page FISA/NSA post and I thought I would use it here to explain why I don’t get in a tizzy with each Greenwaldian timed-for-maximum-outrage revelation:

TBogg August 1st, 2013 at 7:20 am
The documents didn’t disclose specific details of the violations. But they said that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court imposed temporary restrictions on the programs after it learned of the violations until it was satisfied the NSA had revamped its procedures to conform to court requirements.

So, it would seem that the system worked. And that there is oversight.

The IRS has your tax records and most anyone there can access them. The police can access your criminal record ( if you have one). Medical workers can access your medical records. Your bank can access your financial history. If you use a rewards program, your grocery store can tell what you buy and in what quantity. Amazon knows which books you’re interested in. Hell, ANYONE visiting FDL can go to Sitemeter and get your IP address, see which browser you’re using, your monitor resolution and which website you came from prior to coming to FDL.

Yet you’re telling me that the NSA, which has FISA court oversight, can do more scary things to you than someone who can grab your social security number or your banking info or has knowledge about your medical problems.




Yeah. Like I would tell you....