Note:  Originally posted on the web site of the Chicano Veterans Organization.


A Follow-On to Kevin Drum’s Lament from the Mother Jones Magazine


This past weekend, Kevin Drum authored an article and titled, “Are American Political Parties Becoming Defined Largely By Race?” and to which I feel that a ‘response’ is required on my part, since I have long suggested that the Great European Migration is coming to a close, and premised on Demographics, for starters.


Thus, a “tipping point” will probably occur sometime in the decade of 2030s or thereabouts, given the wealth of data published by the Census Bureau, and as “assessed” by the Great Scribblers inAmerica.  Of which, political ideology is seldom given consideration and verily dismissed. 


As such, here at the Chicano Veterans Organization, we have voiced a variety of suggestions and that if adopted as Public Law, would go a long ways toward repairing our broken Democracy.  Take, for example, we have been advocating a National Commission on Governmental Transparency and where the members would be comprised of well-established historians.  Why Historians?


When national decision-makers, both in Congress and in the presidential administrations, make their decisions, invariably, security classifications are imposed, and therefore, it becomes virtually impossible for anyone in the general public to access these decision-making documents.  Consequently, within a construct or framework of “ten years” these documents would be made available to this “Commission” for their decision to release the documents and subsequently made available to the general public. 


Take, for example, the national media has identified Senators Baucus and Hatch, for having made the innovative marketing “pitch” to their fellow colleagues regarding any suggestions submitted for revising the tax code, and which will be ‘deep-sixed’ for the next fifty years and never to see the light of day or within the lifetimes of either Baucus or Hatch.  With our notional of “ten years” any Senator, regardless of political affiliation would see their suggestions entering the public domain, within this time frame.  Equally important, these Senators would see that the General Public would give further consideration of these senators as they continue their long and ever-able political careers during this given time frame.  If so, the voters after these ‘ten years’ would be making a rationale consideration with regard to their “self-interest” and effectively demonstrated at the ballot box.


And over these past dozen years and more here at the Chicano Veterans Organization, we have made our “ideas” available to the general media, and have been substantially ignored or rebuffed, and for us, this behavior is “nothing new” and still, won’t deter us from expressing ourselves when it comes to better public policy and public law.  Consequently, the political parties won’t be described by “majority-minority” but by the ever-expanding Public Law and where “empowering the Individual” that is premised on the skill set of progressive-oriented decision-makers, within the “new” Democratic Party that is predicated on demographics.  Thus, the Democratic Coalition that exists today, will continue and with far greater control of the national “agenda” especially when the white progressive political activists are included into this mix that will become recognized as the leadership component of this “majority-minority.”  To wit, the “ideas” that comprise this viewpoint, will be the ideas that lead to better public policy and for entrance into public law.


In closing, today there is no National Commission on Government Transparency, given that today’s furor on NSA metadata collection programs, are so secretive that even the leadership of these “collection” efforts have been lying to Congress, in open session, and thusly, the question arises, “Were these lies, intentional, or otherwise?”  Regardless and hence, in the next thirty years, “Will we be revisiting these ‘transparency’ policies?”  And despite the evidenced and lackluster responsibilities and duties for Congressional Oversight, as viewed from here in the Sonoran Desert, upping the ante for public access to the decision-making documents across a broad swath of political and governmental behavior, is the only “safe bet” that enhances our vision and that underscores the notional for “empowering the Individual.”