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Markos Moulitsas’ Ugly, Reverse-Racist Smear

Here’s the Daily Kos founder on the Snowden revelations:

I don’t give a shit (183+ / 0-)

Seriously, I just don’t care.

NSA spying is bad! So is stop and frisk. So is splitting up families by deporting children to countries they’ve never been to and don’t speak the language. So is harassing American muslims.

Government overreach is bad. But to act like having the government track who you call is the height of government abuse is a very white privileged view of the privacy issue.

But as for Greenwald and Snowden? Seriously, I don’t give two shits.

(Emphasis mine.) Please, Mr. Moulitsas, tell us, what is the proper, non-privileged, multi-cultural view of the “privacy issue”? Is it one that stays within the confines of what’s allowed by the Democratic Party? Is it one that is relevant to the war on women, or voting rights, or immigration, but ignores the collapse of the rule of law and the justice system (which is far from a “white privileged” issue)? Because it seems to me that the war on whistleblowers and civil liberties is not a concern to this administration, as those issues challenge its legitimacy and unfettered discretion. Neither is it a concern to you, apparently.

It was to this guy, however. Remember him, from 2007?

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